Custom Made Transformers

Specialised design capability to meet your exact transformer requirements.


  • Custom designed transformers to suit your specifications
  • Repair and rewind service
  • Air and vacuum epoxy encapsulation facility
  • Dip and vacuum varnish facility (polyester and epoxy)
  • Nomex and polyester wrapping of copper or aluminum conductors
  • Light electronic and mechanical assembly facilities
  • Bobbins and formers


We can design transformers to meet most Australian and International standards, even on small runs. We can also provide the appropriate documentation to assist in having your transformer tested and approved by the relevant governing agency or authority.


At Dyne Industries we promptly and accurately provide designs to meet your timelines (usually within 2-3 weeks) including CAD drawings.


    • Audio Transformers:
      Valve output transformers can be either toroidal or laminated to suit your particular requirement. Frequency response from -3dB at 20 Hertz to 60 kilohertz can be obtained or exceeded in line with your specification. This may be achieved with segmented windings or other means depending on the application. Both single ended or push-pull designs can be satisfied in toroids or laminated transformers. Several types of finishes can be supplied to suit the aesthetics of the final product into which the transformer is incorporated. The covers can be electroplated - including gold or silver - or the complete unit can be painted in your specified colour. Environmental conditions may require special materials to suit each individual case. These may limit some other features where incompatibility is encountered.


    • Power Supply Units:
      Can be designed for a myriad of applications, but many of these are limited by the high cost of regulatory testing and approvals. Please contact us for further advice (we may have something suitable that’s already approved).


    • Weather Proof Transformers:
      Transformers for outdoor applications with an IP rating from IP41 to IP67 can be supplied to cater for the industrial market. As most of these units will be custom designed a lead-time will usually be required.


    • Ferrite Transformers:
      Ferrite transformers and inductors for switch mode applications can be designed to your specifications and may incorporate unique moulded components to simplify final product assembly or maintenance. For smaller quantities readily available components will generally be used.


  • Custom Core Type Transformers
  • Custom Multi-Tapped Single Phase Transformers
  • Custom Portable Isolation Transformers
  • Custom Step-Down Transformers (for USA output 110V)
  • Custom Transformers and Rectifiers